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My design has a background I do not want?

In the design lab it will render your uploaded art and do it's best to show the colors in your design

underneath the product. Click on the color you want to remove ( Background Color ) and select the white box with the red line.

This is the transparency button. This can also be used to limit the # of colors in your design making them more affordable.

Example- There is black in your design but the garment is black.

Make the black transparent and allow the shirt to be the black of the design.

Saving you 1 color and potentially many dollars off your order price!

How much will my order cost?

The cost of a shirt or an order depends primarily on four things:

  • What kind of garment you are ordering

  • How many garments you're ordering

  • How many locations you want to print on

  • How many colors are printed on each location

  • Need an affordable price? Limit colors in your design, print locations and choose a more basic brand shirt!

How do I add my design to multiple products?

Design your idea and add to any product. Get an instant quote and proceed to the checkout process.

You will be asked in the cart if you would like to Add Design To Another Product.

Here you can add your design to many products and get a discounted rate based on how many items you checkout with.

You will always get the best rate When You Buy More You Save More!

                                                   How can I go about getting a price quote?

To request a quote, you can visit our Design Lab page or contact us!

Can I come in and see you to place my order?

Of course! You can come in and see us, no appointment necessary.


Can I see what my shirt looks like before it prints?

Absolutely! We will send you an artwork approval to look at which you can approve or decline. We will not print without your approval. You can also use our Design Lab to mock up a shirt before you even place an order.

How do I get my shirts once they're printed?

You can either have your shirts shipped right to you, or you can pick them up from our store location.

How long does it take to get my order?

Whenever you need them! Tell us your due date and we'll make sure they arrive on time ( Rush Order Fees may apply ). Items typically ship 7-10 Business Days from order date. Contact us if you have questions about your due date!

I don't know anything about graphic art, is that a problem?

Not at all - you have options! First try our Design Lab to start. Still can't figure out your design? Or our in-house graphic art department can work with you to make your vision a reality.

What format should I submit my artwork in?

We can handle any file type, but we prefer Adobe files. If submitting a raster file (.psd, .jpg, .gif), we prefer high resolution. The higher the DPI (dots per inch) the better.

What brands do you use?

We have a supplier with over 1,000,000 products! Click Here to view our catalog! Don't see an item in our catalog in our Design Lab? Contact us to add your product for design and preview!

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